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Getting it right starts at Design stage and a buildable design is key to a successful project. So often the Design and Preconstruction stages are condensed leading to frustrations through the project from the Design team to the end user. We know it does not need to be this way. Collaborative thinking in the best interests of the Project, and thereby everyone involved, is paramount and an integral part of where RAMS can support your expectations and vision.

Clients, Consultants, Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Stakeholders, Neighbours and Communities are the people who shape and decide a buildings future. In the largest sense of the word, buildings are made by people. This influences the way we think, the nature of the organisation and the way they work together.

RAMS are more than Project Managers or Consultants: we seek to bring unique transparent value to a project by initially building long-term honest relationships. Nothing builds support and trust faster than good consistent performance. Get the basics right and truly incredible results are delivered. Working together, merging weaknesses with strengths and expertise from planning flowing through to construction; the knowledge, imagination and creativity of the team focusing on delivering projects of the highest quality.

Buildings and Structures are becoming more complicated as technology and new materials allow Design teams to realise their visions. Only by working as a conjoined team, right and left sides of the brain working together to give us a 360 vision can we achieve the high standards we set ourselves and our industry demands.

Delivery Process that not only maximises value but exceeds it.


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Both Richard and Mhairi-ann have been fortuitous to work with local, national and international organisations in their careers with solid Client relationships extending back 16 years in some cases.

At the core of the business is mutual Trust; gained by Service, Consistency and Transparency.


We are all different. We all have favourite projects that stay with us. To this day there are projects we were a part of that bring fond memories for any number of reasons. The sheer volume of Engineering that was involved to make it successful, the Architects “out the box” thinking or the Contractors tenacity to achieve what on the face of it appeared impossible.

Project Management - RAMS Scotland Limited
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Project Management - RAMS Scotland Limited
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Project Management - RAMS Scotland Limited

Frequent Asked Questions

“There are naïve questions, tedious questions, ill-phrased questions, questions put after inadequate self-criticism.
But every question is a cry to understand the world. There is no such thing as a dumb question.”
Quote by Carl Sagan. The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark.

Health & Safety is the Ethos our company is built upon. Company values and priorities change as a business evolves, the Ethos does not.

Ethos definition is – the distinguishing character, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding beliefs of a person, group, or institution. Defined by Merriam-Webster

Mainland UK including Highlands and Islands and Ireland. We do not, at this time, cover The Isle of Man, The Isle of Wight, Jersey or Guernsey.

The hierarchy of control places segregation at the top. Trained and authorised Banksmen should only be used in circumstances where other control measures are not possible.

We at RAMS hate the term Value Engineering. The whole terminology is wrong. RAMS will assist Design Teams, Clients and Contractors to look at design, both Architectural and Structural, and advise on where positive gains can be made in terms of Buildability, Programme, Temporary Works and yes Cost. Matching products to Design Solutions, Buildability to Detailing and Good Working Practice to Temporary Works. Powerful intuitive decisions can be made between the Design and Preconstruction periods by Blue Sky thinking and getting the right people round the table as soon as possible to stop Value Engineering being necessary.

Tough question! Can’t possibly be one as there are so many inspiring structures around the world.

After discussion the 4 that rose to the top were The Guggenheim both in Bilbao and New York. The Flatiron Building in New York and The Crooked House in Sopot, Poland. Design flair has matched with Engineering capability and superb workmanship to produce something really quite special.

Focus on what's needed and all else will follow.