lifting/cranage consultancy


To supply full support for any lifting activities at both the Preconstruction and Construction Stage.
Desktop surveys and site support visits are included in our portfolio.



Independent Advisory Service

Site Inspections



Out of the 2500+ lifting plans Richard has completed, only once has he been asked to participate and advise on cranage at design stage. Ultimately his involvement cut down on re-design work both to the building and landscaping giving a substantial saving back to the project. This was supplemented further once the project went out to tender and the programme benefit was realised coupled with a solution that gave the Main Contractor less Temporary Works.

Whether it be upcoming or ongoing lifting activities we can advise on best practice to ensure compliance with LOLER 1998 and BS7121 Parts 1, 2 & 3. Including site visits to determine access and set up areas.

Fully detailed RAMS along with CAD drawings all detailing the requirement’s the lift team need to carry out the lifts safely.

The ultimate goal for all is that everyone goes home safe at the end of the day.

trusted by over 100 clients

Both Richard and Mhairi-ann have been fortuitous to work with local, national and international organisations in their careers with solid Client relationships extending back 16 years in some cases.

At the core of the business is mutual Trust; gained by Service, Consistency and Transparency.


When working with one of the biggest items of plant in Construction and Lifting Operations, cutting corners isn’t an option. Below is a snapshot taken of the 2500+ successful lift plans completed by Richard.

Lifting & Cranage Consultancy - RAMS Scotland Limited
Lifting & Cranage Consultancy - RAMS Scotland Limited
Lifting & Cranage Consultancy - RAMS Scotland Limited
Wind Energy
Lifting & Cranage Consultancy - RAMS Scotland Limited
Lifting & Cranage Consultancy - RAMS Scotland Limited
Oil & Gas
Lifting & Cranage Consultancy - RAMS Scotland Limited

Frequent Asked Questions

“There’s no such thing as a stupid question, as long as it ends in a question mark.”
Quote by Designing Field Studies for Biodiversity Conservation

Maintenance strategies and access can be reviewed. As an example assessing removable panels in the roof of a distillery for future replacement of condensers and stills vs Hard/Soft Landscaping design.

Yes, only if replaced with the same make and model specified in the RAMS. Any other make or model would constitute a review and or replacement of the RAMS.

This is possible but not advised. Please contact us if you are thinking about applying this to your project.

LOLER 1998 and BS7121 carried out by a competent and trained person.

Absolutely. All crane lifts need to be properly planned and adequately supervised and LOLER extends to telehandlers and excavators when being used for lifting.

Focus on what’s needed and all else will follow.